How To Make A Fan Powered By DVD Lens



This step I will teach you the way to make a hand fan with a dvd lence one may think she or he can’t make a reachable fan from a dvd lence thinking maybe it’s not possible however I am going to show to you in this newsletter that you can sincerely make a available fan thru a dvd lens that’s pretty unexpected that every unmarried character may get this component puzzling however earlier than we move into the technique on a way to make this stuff I want to introduce some certain strategies to you.Over time technology has superior and you realize within the twenty first century era itself has its very own direction the manner it changes so do strategies for the additionally adjustments.

From the lens of a DVD participant you may make up a hand fan Which you could use whenever you feel warm everywhere, anyday, each time. You can use it at the marketplace area, Office, Workplaces.
Tools Needed for Making The battery Powered handfan.

1. A DVD lens
2. Thiny cord which contains of the Negative and Positive many may comprehend it with the aid of it’s color pink and black
three. A massive magnet Which would possibly weigh up to 2kg
4. A Screwdriver
five. A meter analyzing system for testing the electricity accuracy
6. A ply timber or proberbly plank
7. A thick and lengthy rubber band either of black or yellow colour.
Eight. Power producing device for checking out the paintings been achieved if it’s best or not
nine. Hand gloves for prevention of electrical shocks
10. Get a virtual Note for every step you write it down.
11. A Rolling Fan Blade

Ok let’s get right down to business making that is genuinely easy however a few may take it as a mere comic story however this is definitely revolutionary and with time a few governmental employer will want to provide it a try even many electric engineers of our time may even need to present it a try.Make sure all required gear are complete so at to not able a perfect work.

In case you’re finding it hard to get a lens you could find it from a non working dvd so that you extract the lens from it then region it on a dry plywood or a dry floor in case you don’t have and finds it hard to get a timber for it and make sure you are placing to your glove to avoid electrical surprise.

1. First you vicinity the dvd lens at the dry surface and also you get the magnet said above the tools wished the magnet should weigh more than 2kg region the lens on the magnet you might wonder why we’re using a magnet, you understand the body of the lens are made with metal so setting the lens at the magnet will allow it persist with a specific position no longer allowing dislocation of the lens which is the capital challenge.

When you location it you will see a touch cord from the lens which has two colors the crimson and the black that is the terrible and wonderful coloration that is the cord from inside the lens upload you own wire to it that’s the twine as said above the negative and high-quality cord the crimson and black coloured twine attach the black cord you introduced to the one of the lens and additionally do the equal for the crimson this is to make the cord prolonged so it could be dragged to any perspective.

2. Get the thick black rubber of any shade but make certain the rubber is thick enough now not to reduce in movement causing electrical Hazzard.

Three. With the meter tester for trying out power accuracy, Use it to test if the cord added to the Lens wire is active and paintings because no longer all wire you spot or buy is lively, some wires may because of in built damages or manufacturing unit fault unknowingly to the manufacturer of the product as nobody is above mistake. So use the meter check if the wire is lively if then energetic you’re true to head.

4. Now the important and maximum advised thing, getting to this stage you want to be very careful to avoid errors that could damage the entire paintings.The rolling fan might be metal or rubber but exceptional suggest you use rubber purpose the metal one wishes more heavy duty strength.

Now hang the fan blade on the directions you need it to face or a selected position you want at hand it both the ceiling or wall, Now positioned the thick rubber in between the pinnacle of the lens you may see a space for it their, drag the rubber to the fan blade controller unit .

The controller unit is the point at which controls the rolling of the blade this is why we advocated a rubber blade Which may be very easy to locate it’s control Unit.

The control unit of the rubber blade seems like a thiny small rod this thiny rod is near the coil of the blade however here we are not utilizing direct electric supply but a lens so you drag the rubber from the lens to the rod which controls the blade you are also high-quality suggested to get a prolonged rubber with a purpose to reach the factor of the blade control Unit.

5. Now a energy source the strength supply consists of the subsequent.
Finger battery
Motor battery
Tricycle battery

Or some other supply however need to no longer be direct electricity because here we’re speakme approximately creating a fan paintings without direct strength.

6. Make a manage switch for the float of electricity/strength this Control permits you to place on and rancid the fan when need arises. When you are accomplished with this make certain to check it with the meter reader to realize if it is able to transferring electricity from the authentic supply all the way down to the lens and the manage unit of the blade.

Now connect the switch cord on your strength supply take a look at it again with the meter reader to know if strength flows through it, so then switch it directly to permit it go with the flow and your fan is up and going for walks.

Lessons to Note

1.As an electrician you need to have your meter reader Which enables you detect the flow of electricity.

2. Always placed on your gloves to keep away from electric shocks

Thank you for picking interest to examine if you need help or extra lectures on the way to go about it experience unfastened to touch me through e mail.


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